At Angel of Light, we understand that we all sometimes don't have the answers or insight on our life that we want or need. With the help of the angels, we offer a number of reading options to help you see through the fog and above the clouds of your life.

All our readings can be done face-to-face or by phone or video call.



Spiritual readings are a serious and often extremely insightful service offered to those in need of answers and guidance on the bigger questions in life – properly executed, spiritual readings can be an incredible help towards personal growth and empowerment. At Angel of Light, we believe we are simply tapping into the wider knowledge and vision of the angels to help you see your path through some of life’s more challenging times and decisions. Tools used as part of our

readings can include angel cards, tarot cards and personal effects, amongst others. Readings can also just be simple conversational dialogue. Discuss with your Angel of Light Reader what might work best for you or simply let her use her connection to the angels to decide for you.